Home Inventory

Florida Home Inventory Company (FHI) performs all of Asset and Inventory Company's (AIC) home inventories of personal property items located in your home.  Personal property items in your home can be furniture, jewelry, antiques, collectibles, artwork, appliances, kitchen contents, clothing, window treatments, computer equipment, electronics, musical instruments, clocks, mirrors, yard equipment, tools, sports equipment.  Most items located in your home are considered personal property items.  This includes items associated with a "hobby". Any item located at your home used for personal use and not business use are considered personal property items.  The items may be stored or located in a primary residence, vacation or second home, nursing or retirement home, condo, townhouse, apartment, out building, storage shed, recreational vehicle or a boat.
Examples of Personal Items documented and recorded in a Home Inventory Serivce:
Below are examples of personal items that were documented and recorded in a home inventory report.  An home inventory report can be customized to meet your requirements or the requirements of another party such as your insurance agent, lawyer, tax accountant or financial adviser. 
Before the "unthinkable and unexpected" occurs, such as a home fire, theft or natural disaster, causing damage to your personal property items, a home inventory provided by AIC's FHI will enable you to positively identify your items if a disaster occurs.  This may help increase the compensation you receive for your lost or damaged items from your insurance policy.  FHI's home inventory report could facilitate faster financial reimbursement resulting in faster replacement of your lost items.  With an home inventory report you will be prepared to negotiate your settlement with your insurance adjuster.  Your report will provide proof of your personal items documented by a credible and objective third-party such as FHI.  In the event of a theft,  FHI's home inventory report could increase your chances of recovering your possessions and could even aid in the arrest of the thief. After a disaster occurs, it could be too late and difficult for you to recall all of your personal items you have accumulated over the years and more importantly prove their existence.
You may find after a review of your home inventory report and your insurance policy, that your policy does not insure specific personal property items in your home, such as computers, jewelry or guns! FHI will work with your insurance agent to provide an acceptable home inventory. You may contact an AIC or FHI representative directly. A "Contact Us" button is located below. You may also visit FHI's website at www.floridahomeinventory.com for additional information on home inventories. Both websites have a Contact Information Form for you to fill out to ask a question(s) or request additional information. An AIC or FHI representative will reach out to you.