Price of Services

Price of Business Asset & Product Inventory Services: 

Asset and Inventory Company (AIC) recognizes that each business is unique.  Therefore, the price of AIC's Business Asset and Product Inventory Services is dependent on the type of your business, the quantity of your assets to be tagged and / or recorded and / or the amount of product your business has to be inventoried.  To begin, fill out the Contact Information Form on this website. An AIC representative will contact you by telephone or email, your preference.  The AIC representative will ask you a few questions concerning your business assets and / or inventory product.   The representative may suggest a pre-quote visit to your business to observe your assets and / or product inventory to further help us develop an accurate price quote.  There will be no cost to your business for this visit.  AIC will then provide your business with a written price quote for our services, firm for 90 days.

Price of Home Inventory Report Services:

The price of a Home Inventory Report can vary depending on the number of your personal items in your home to be recorded.  Florida Home Inventory Company (FHI) performs all of AIC's home inventory of personal property items. To find out prices, ask a question or begin the process, fill out our Contact Information Form on this website or FHI's website at An AIC or FHI representative will then reach out to you by telephone you or email.  The AIC or FHI representative will ask you a few questions concerning your personal items to be recorded.  FHI will then develop a personalized price quote for your home inventory services.  All our price estimates are firm and free for 90 days.

Final Asset or Home Inventory Report Storage:


AIC offers a Recording Storage for your business assets for a yearly fee. AIC will store your asset recording in a safe and secure location away from your business. If the unexpected disaster occurs and your business assets or personal items are damaged or destroyed, you will have the knowledge that your final recording documenting your assets are in a secure location and available to you or your designated representative**.


*This information is not stored with any third party. This information is stored on AIC's secure servers.

**This information will not be given to any third party without your express written consent.